PP H WS 2540 E

When it comes to automated production, it is not only the precision of the production machines that counts: The pallet systems that provide the components or tools or transport them to the next production station are also crucial for the quality, efficiency and the uninterrupted operation of your production.

With the new PP H WS 2540 E material, we are now offering you a material that is virtually predestined for the conveying and supply of components, assemblies and tools. Thanks to its statically dissipative configuration, it can also be used without any problems in explosion-hazardous areas and/or for storing and conveying sensitive electronic components. Because of its unique properties, the material was specially developed for efficient and modular pallet changing systems.



Thanks to the combination of its properties, PP H WS 2540 E is the ideal base material for your individual pallet systems in the production process.

Here is an overview of the technical features:

  • Lightweight (density 0.91)
  • Extremely dimensionally stable
  • Hardly any distortion, perfect flatness even with deeply grooved one-sided pockets
  • Superior chemical resistance to cooling lubricants, acids, lyes and solvents
  • Statically dissipative

Upon request, we would be pleased to manufacture individually prefabricated pallets and product carriers – tailored precisely to your components or your automation solution. Cut-outs that match perfectly ensure a uniform positioning of your workpieces or production parts.